BOSPAL 1200x800 mm

P 12/8/15

1200x800 palety skrzyniopalety


The 1200×800 pallets are an economical version of wooden pallets or plastic pallets. Used for both export and local transport.

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■ Standard size corresponding to Euro pallet dimensions

They offer the same loading area but take up less storage and transport space.

■ Lightweight and durable

Compared to other wooden pallets, they stand out for their ideal ratio of weight to strength.

■ Protect the cargo

The uniform structure of our pallets creates a bottom that prevents moisture and all kinds of dust and dirt from entering the cargo.

■ ISPM-15 – export pallets

Packaging produced from pressed wood is not subject to the ISPM-15 standard, as it is resistant to all pesticides. Therefore, it is not necessary to subject them to fumigation.

■ 100% recycling

Our pallets are manufactured from lumber waste.

■ Free disposal

We offer free disposal of all our products.

Take up 2.5 times less space

The pallets are profiled in such a way that one goes into the other when they are pole-mounted, which significantly reduces unit transportation costs.

Ideal for stretching

The rounded corners of the pallets prevent the stretch film from breaking.


Their uniform structure creates a bottom that prevents moisture or any kind of dust or dirt from entering the package.


Drive width: 650 mm

Drive height: 90 mm

Dynamic endurance: 1500 kg

Pallet weight: 12 kg

1200X800 scheme


45 pieces / 1 EURO pallet space

Post height: 2.8 m

Full truckload: 1485 sztuk

They are ideal for “POS” displays

They are perfect for promoting brands of products with a modern, ecological character, thematically related to nature, wood, environmental protection, as well as for luxury or clothing products, and many others.

ekspozycje sklepowe
ekspozycje sklepowe


BosPal™ 1200×800 mm

P 12/8/15