We specialise in creating BosPal crates that are individually designed, giving our customers unparalleled freedom to export while keeping costs low.

Transport of kegs is carried out on standard pallets and crates.

The use of pallets that are not suitable in terms of shape or require fumigation, health inspections and IPPC markings can introduce difficulties into your business.

When you choose BosPal’s pressed wood transport packaging, you don’t have to worry about meeting sanitary standards while ensuring a smoother production and loading process.

For export, all pallets and wooden crates should comply with ISPM-15.

This involves administrative difficulties and additional costs.

Read more about ISPM-15

During international shipping, standard pallets are subject to onerous sanitary inspections. Failure to meet these standards, in extreme cases, can lead to the withdrawal of goods at the exporter’s expense. This applies to exports to all countries that respect ISPM-15 standards.

Costly pallet disposal, the need for fumigation, and undergoing sanitary inspections generate expenses and hinder operations in your company, consuming valuable time and increasing financial outlay.


BosPal’s 6-piece custom export crates

They were created to eliminate damage and reduce costs.

BosPal export crates are manufactured using patented pressed wood technology, with innovative BosPal Smart Clamps ™.

BosPal™ container pallets

Full use of space in transportation.

Developed with marine transportation in mind. They allow optimal use of space in the container. They do not have to be fumigated.

BosPal 1000×1200 mm

P 10/12/12,5

BosPal 1130×1130 mm

P 11,3/11,3/12,5