BosPal 2-piece pressed wood export crates;

An innovative way to transport safely

BosPal export cases are manufactured using patented pressed wood technology in combination with BosPal Smart Clamps™.

We offer standard size export crates that not only meet all requirements for international transport, but also do not require additional phytosanitary treatments or IPPC markings, making the export process easier and more efficient.

Skrzynia z drewna prasowanego


The packages are designed to the size of the goods and have folding capabilities. This allows them to make full use of the available space both during transport and storage in the warehouse.


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A uniform and tight layer of pressed wood protects your product from all sides.

Opakowania dla sektora RTV/AGD



Packaging is designed to the size of the goods. As a result, they allow full use of transportation and storage space.

Compared to traditional packaging methods, we significantly reduce loading and unloading times. The innovative design of BosPal Smart Clamps™, which connect the walls of the box, eliminates the necessity for additional securing elements. See for yourself, using the example of standard crates.

BosPal Smart Clamps ™ – assembling the box

BosPal Smart Clamps ™ – unfolding the box

Eddi Complex BosPal export boxes are a resource-conserving wood-based recycling product. Eddi Complex disposes of BosPal products at no charge. Pressed wood is 100% recyclable.

The choice of packaging material affects waste management as well as disposal costs, which should be considered as part of the total unit cost of packaging.

Eddi Complex offers solutions that reduce the environmental impact during production, transportation and final processing of the packaging.

Media that are not suitable for further use are recycled. These operations form a perfect material chain.

BosPal crates are made of pressed wood, and do not require additional IPPC markings or phytosanitary treatments required for other wood packaging. They are always ready for export, to most countries of the world.

Chip packaging allows for automatic inventory updates. Upon unloading, the boxes send information to your inventory management system. This allows for immediate notification to the appropriate person when products arrive at the site and full monitoring of product and packaging circulation.

By applying to the European Life program, you can take advantage of subsidies to carry out a project to implement an innovative solution based on waste management.


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